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Unwrap Holiday Heat Today

Give yourself the gift of this steamy holiday novel with all your favorite characters from The Firework Girls series…along with a new pairing who didn’t see it coming!

Keep reading for the blurb and an oh-so-tasty excerpt you do not want to miss!

I was supposed to wipe the slate clean. New college. New state. New start.

But even before my first class, I was already off on the wrong foot. At that frat party, it was me versus the most famous womanizer on campus, and I still don’t know who came out on top.

I do know that when I found out Bobby Sullivan was joining me, my cousin, and his friends for our week-long holiday retreat, I should’ve listened to my gut. I knew it’d lead to trouble.

I just didn’t know what kind.

I tried to keep my distance from Bobby, but things didn’t exactly go according to plan. Before I knew what was happening, he had his hands on my waist and his mouth on my lips.

And what’s worse, I let him.

Now we’re doing far more than kissing, and I’m feeling far, far more for Bobby than a smart girl should.

Especially when he’s made it perfectly clear: this is as far as this thing can go. When this trip is over, so are we. Because forever is not in the cards for us.

It can’t be.

I’ve never been kissed like this before, but I’m following his lead, partaking in some instinctive dance as he leads us through slow, controlled movements that are more and more heated by the second. His hands have not left my face, and his hard body is barely against mine.

Yet this kiss is anything but innocent. It’s deliberately wanton, the kind of kiss that leads to dirty, indecent thoughts and throbbing sensations every place a girl can throb.

All the while, every resistance I’ve had to him falls away like withered petals floating one by one to the earth. I’ve been able to lie to myself up to now, but in this raw moment there is nothing but truth.

I want him.

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Handle the Heat (a steamy Sam and Jack short)

You wanted more Sam and Jack, you’ve got them!

HANDLE THE HEAT is a short story featuring our favorite couple from Nuclear Heat.

This hot, little package has everything you’ve come to expect from this crazy couple, including the kind of happy ending that leaves everyone satisfied.

I absolutely loved getting inside the heads of these two again. I hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

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Happy Reading!



That’s One HOT Binge!

Looking for happy sighs, lots of laughter, plenty of sexy naughty bits, and a dash of heartbreak before that satisfying happy ending?

How about FOUR satisfying happy endings?

Well, hang onto your panties because FEEL THE HEAT, the Firework Girls Series Box Set is now available everywhere you love to buy books!

If you still haven’t experienced the endearing Firework Girls (and their love stories!) – what are you waiting for?

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Exclusive, limited-time deal on FEEL THE HEAT

Four books. One heart-pounding experience.

For the first time EVER, get all four Firework Girls books in one sexy, panty-melting, binge-worthy package.

FEEL THE HEAT, the complete Firework Girls box set is now available direct from my site (right here!) for the limited-time price of $7.99.

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What you get:


My plans for the future didn’t include falling for my professor.

But how could I help being struck speechless by the sexy smile and warm intelligence of Professor Shane Brooks?

What starts as wistful gazing from the back of the room leads to stolen touches that melt my core, and ends with a midnight encounter right on school grounds.

Those weren’t the kind of after-school activities I had in mind.

Will Shane hate himself for what we’ve done, or resent me for wanting it? I don’t know. I’m too lost in the heat of his body and the depths of his soul.

Sooner or later someone’s bound to find out about us, and it’s not going to be pretty.

The only question is, are we strong enough to survive it?



It doesn’t matter that I had him first.

It’s bad enough to be practically left at the altar, even worse to rebound with the right guy at the wrong time.

And timing is the only thing that’s wrong with Grayson, the heart-stopping, blue-eyed master of my body and soul for one perfect night.

But it was too much too soon, so I ran… left without a word. Stupid, I know. And yes, I’ve been regretting it. Every day. For months.

Then he storms back into my life. But this time, he’s not alone. Never mind that it takes only one look to churn up those old emotions. It doesn’t matter that my heart longs for him the minute I see him. He’s angry, he’s taken, and I’m left craving his touch, wishing I could go back in time and fix everything.

There’s only one word for my best friend on the arm of my soul mate:




Erik Williams may be back in my life, but I don’t have to let him back into my heart.

I may look calm, but on the inside I’m losing it. See that guy playing the piano on stage up there? Auditioning for the competition I’m supposed to win? Playing in an auditorium at my school like he belongs here?

I knew him back in high school. Scratch that. I was desperately in love with him in high school. And the same hands that draw magic from a piano drew magic from my body like it’s what he was born to do. He said he loved me, but how could he have? That guy broke my heart into tiny little bits, and never looked back.

Now he’s a fellow grad student, and I’m screwed. Because nobody plays the piano like Erik Williams. Not even me. But the worst part is Erik trying to claim my heart again, and my heart acting like he has a chance.

But I won’t let him. I can’t. Not after what he did… all those years ago.



Let’s get one thing straight, marriage is fine for some people, but it’s got nothing to do with me.

If you knew the truth about my past, believe me, you’d understand. But hey, I’m not complaining. I’ve got a good job. Great friends. When I need a little something in the man department, well… I’ve never had trouble getting that when I want it either.

Then Jack has to come along and screw it all up.

I never saw it coming. I mean, we’ve been friends for six years. Six. Years. But in one moment… one gooseflesh-inducing, world tilting, alarming moment… it all starts to change.

Now this guy is giving me the butterflies, the sex dreams… the heartbreak. All of it.

Let me tell you something, the last thing I wanted was to fall in love.

I’m not happy about it either.

Not one damn bit.


Four sexy heroes.

Four endearing girlfriends.

Four delicious happy endings.

One amazing binge read.

Welcome to the sexy, romantic world of Jordyn White

Do you love heartfelt, steamy contemporary romances and romantic comedies? Do you want swoon-worthy heroes, smart heroines, and relationships that say “true love” instead of “train wreck”?

Then I’m your girl.

My first series, the Firework Girls, centers around four amazing, hilarious girlfriends (and one guy, the Firework Girl of honor, Jack).

I give you love and laughter, of course, but I also bring you right into the inner Firework Girl circle. You’ll feel like they’re your friends too!

Like an addictive TV show where you feel like you’re friends with the characters and are glued to every development. You’ll make quick friends with these characters, and I’m sure you’ll want to turn into further installments. – SPR starred review

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Each book can be read as a STANDALONE and comes complete with a HEA.

My current series, Beautiful Rivers, features the young heirs of the luxurious Rivers Paradise Resort.

Oh man, do these books give you all the feels. If you haven’t read them yet, get caught up before the last in the series comes out later this fall.

“This author knows exactly how to write the most appealing story, page by page, chapter by chapter, to draw you in in such a way that you cannot put the story down until it’s finished.” – Heather B

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Again, each book stands alone, although a subplot in Beautiful Fall leads directly into Beautiful Dark.