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Beautiful Dark Coming June 29!

Are you ready to fall in love with the eldest Rivers brother?

Fasten your seat belts, ladies. He’s going to give you one hell of a ride.

I swore I’d never let a man take advantage of me again… then I met him.

I’ve been down this road before. I’m broke and vulnerable; he’s rich and commanding… and my boss. Just like before.

I may work for Rayce Rivers, the powerful owner of the Rivers Paradise Resort, but I’m determined not to make the same mistake twice. I stand up for myself and draw the line.

He steps right over it.

Soon I’m doing things I swore I wouldn’t and wondering why this time, it all feels different.

His touch turns me to butter, his kiss demands that I yield, and his boyish smile makes me believe him. The words. The promises. The lies.

Because just when I convince myself he loves me, I’m proven wrong.


He swears his love for me is true, but I refuse to listen. I’m done making mistakes.

No matter how much my heart wants to believe him.

BEAUTIFUL DEEP is a standalone in the Beautiful Rivers contemporary romance series. Jordyn White concludes this steamy, heartfelt series with a powerful tale of love, passion, and redemption.

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Welcome to the sexy, romantic world of Jordyn White

Do you love heartfelt, steamy contemporary romances and romantic comedies? Do you want swoon-worthy heroes, smart heroines, and relationships that say “true love” instead of “train wreck”?

Then I’m your girl.

My first series, the Firework Girls, centers around four amazing, hilarious girlfriends (and one guy, the Firework Girl of honor, Jack).

I give you love and laughter, of course, but I also bring you right into the inner Firework Girl circle. You’ll feel like they’re your friends too!

Like an addictive TV show where you feel like you’re friends with the characters and are glued to every development. You’ll make quick friends with these characters, and I’m sure you’ll want to turn into further installments. – SPR starred review

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Each book can be read as a STANDALONE and comes complete with a HEA.

My current series, Beautiful Rivers, features the young heirs of the luxurious Rivers Paradise Resort.

Oh man, do these books give you all the feels. If you haven’t read them yet, get caught up before the last in the series comes out later this fall.

“This author knows exactly how to write the most appealing story, page by page, chapter by chapter, to draw you in in such a way that you cannot put the story down until it’s finished.” – Heather B

For a limited time, the Beautiful Rivers series is available in KINDLE UNLIMITED

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Again, each book stands alone, although a subplot in Beautiful Fall leads directly into Beautiful Dark.