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Give yourself the gift of this steamy holiday novel with all your favorite characters from The Firework Girls series…along with a new pairing who didn’t see it coming!

Keep reading for the blurb and an oh-so-tasty excerpt you do not want to miss!

I was supposed to wipe the slate clean. New college. New state. New start.

But even before my first class, I was already off on the wrong foot. At that frat party, it was me versus the most famous womanizer on campus, and I still don’t know who came out on top.

I do know that when I found out Bobby Sullivan was joining me, my cousin, and his friends for our week-long holiday retreat, I should’ve listened to my gut. I knew it’d lead to trouble.

I just didn’t know what kind.

I tried to keep my distance from Bobby, but things didn’t exactly go according to plan. Before I knew what was happening, he had his hands on my waist and his mouth on my lips.

And what’s worse, I let him.

Now we’re doing far more than kissing, and I’m feeling far, far more for Bobby than a smart girl should.

Especially when he’s made it perfectly clear: this is as far as this thing can go. When this trip is over, so are we. Because forever is not in the cards for us.

It can’t be.

I’ve never been kissed like this before, but I’m following his lead, partaking in some instinctive dance as he leads us through slow, controlled movements that are more and more heated by the second. His hands have not left my face, and his hard body is barely against mine.

Yet this kiss is anything but innocent. It’s deliberately wanton, the kind of kiss that leads to dirty, indecent thoughts and throbbing sensations every place a girl can throb.

All the while, every resistance I’ve had to him falls away like withered petals floating one by one to the earth. I’ve been able to lie to myself up to now, but in this raw moment there is nothing but truth.

I want him.

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